MeatCanyon receives surprise 3 day suspension on Twitch

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Twitch streamer and YouTube animator MeatCanyon has been suspended on Twitch for 3 days. The reason behind his ban has yet to be revealed.

MeatCanyon has exploded in popularity over the past few years, with his animations about figures in the pop culture and YouTube space like, Nikocado Avocado, Dream, Elon Musk, and even the recent TikTok hearing getting their own satirical parody animations.

He’s since gone from being purely an animator to more of a variety creator, using his art and storytelling skills to livestream on Twitch and create a second YouTube channel for videos he makes that aren’t focused solely on animation.

However, MeatCanyon has been hit with a 3 day suspension. Though the reason has yet to be revealed, viewers that were watching as he got banned have their suspicions.

In some cases, Twitch streamers get banned from the platform due to something they did while they were offline, or a ruling on their content delivered directly by Twitch. While the latter may have been the case with MeatCanyon as well, he was banned while he was streaming.

In a tweet discussing the ban, MeatCanyon didn’t give out the reason for his temporary removal from the platform.

He might be looking to stream on YouTube for a bit until he gets access to his Twitch account back, but he still plans to return to Twitch following the ban.

While MeatCanyon himself hasn’t revealed the reason for his Twitch ban, people who were watching at the time think it may have been because he was listening to copyrighted music on stream.

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